Aljabr Financing Company is a joint stock company founded by the owners of Aljabr Group Of Companies. History of Aljabr Group dates back to 1952 when Sons of Sheikh Hamad Mohamed Aljabr began their journey in the world of trading by establishing a small trading company of food stuff in Al-Ehsa town.

In 1956, a branch was opened in Al Khobar city which was the first activity of the company at an international level. The group has a number of activities including: Aljabr Company for Automobiles; Aljabr Laundry; Aljabr Beverages; Aljabr Electronics; Aljabr Contracting; Aljabr for Building Materials and The Gulf Carton Factory.

Our Mission

To become one of the best among the specialized and innovative companies in providing financing products in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Islamic Law, which meet the demands and ambitions of our customers.

Our Vision

We have an ambition to establish a successful institutional entity based on qualified staff and outstanding products that meet the needs of the customers.