Strategic Agreement with Arib Digital Brokerage Platform

Strategic Agreement with Arib Digital Brokerage Platform

In a significant move towards enhancing its services and providing an advanced financial experience to its customers, Al-Jabr Finance Company has announced the signing of a strategic agreement with Arib, a leading digital brokerage platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The aim of this agreement is to integrate Al-Jabr Finance Company's expertise in financial services with Arib's modern and advanced technologies in the field of digital brokerage. This partnership will enable Al-Jabr Finance Company's customers to access a variety of financial services and products online more easily and efficiently.

Mr. Mohammed bin Aqeel Al-Shaiea, the CEO of Al-Jabr Finance Company, expressed his delight with this partnership, emphasizing that it reflects the company's commitment to improving customer experiences and providing advanced financial solutions. He noted that Arib's platform will play a significant role in expanding the company's service offerings and increasing its presence in the digital market.

Mr. Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al-Jabr, Deputy CEO for Sales, Marketing, and Administrative Affairs, highlighted that this partnership will enhance the digital transformation in the financial services sector and provide customers with an integrated and innovative experience.

Mr. Saad bin Maher Al-Jabr, Deputy CEO for Finance, Technology, and Strategy, mentioned that tangible benefits of this partnership are expected to begin soon, as advanced financial services will be provided to customers, and Al-Jabr Finance Company's digital presence will expand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.