Social Responsibility

Aljabr Financing strives to consolidate the concept of social responsibility as a key rule of the company and a source of understanding and loyalty to our environment and our customers.

Our philosophy is based on the fulfillment of our commitments to society and on a series of values and elements that govern the company's efforts in this context. These values constitute an integrated system of hard work and qualitative achievement. This reflects the professional dimensions of work that go beyond the traditional view of corporate social activity.

Our list of values is a number of social responsibilities:


Aljabr Financing is keen to adopt programs that aim at achieving a qualitative addition to the company's role in attaining sustainable development.

The Initiative

We recognize in Aljabr Financing that 'social work' in its real perspective requires serious endeavor to discover innovative ideas that can make a positive change in life of both people and society. The company always seeks to participate in all events and activities of the society that effectively contribute to the improvement and development of its members.